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Church Consulting and Revitalization

“Empowering churches to move forward in expansion spiritually, constructively and practically”

How many times over the many years of my ministry, I felt stuck or frustrated, praying for God to send help and guidance. This is why I have created “From the Wooden Desk.” Some of the greatest lessons and insights I gained were across the desk from a mentor, coach or another pastor.  I believe this is the reason God has called me to consultation and revitalization.

Thank you for taking the time to consider partnering with, "From The Wooden Desk." We are here to serve churches by providing new and rejuvenating perspectives, processes, and plans to enable ministries to touch lives and reach communities. We believe that through consultation and training, both spiritually and practically, we can help churches reach their potential to increase God’s Kingdom.

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My Story

Randy & Kathy Wooden

My name is Ransom (Randy) Wooden and I am excited to introduce Church Rejuvenation by From The Wooden Desk. After 36 years of leadership and successful pastoral ministry, I am launching a new ministry to help pastors and churches revitalize and refresh.

I have been married to my wife, Kathy, for 43 years, have two children and five grandchildren. They are all the joy of my life.

I have had the privilege to pastor, plant churches, plant church campuses, and oversee and work with many teams and staff members. I developed a leadership center where we trained leaders and set forth over 80 ministers to go out and begin their ministry. Internationally, I have had the honor to provide multiple conferences for pastors and leaders.  I am now serving as a "Certified Church Consultant".

My greatest joy in ministry is working with pastors and churches. I want to help the leaders gain fresh perspective and understanding of their church health, culture and community. I look forward to partnering with you to provide a new set of eyes, wisdom and honest assessment to provide recommendations, helpful resources, and practical tools to increase your effectiveness and bring new life to your leadership team and church. 

My heart is that God will use my life to bring about transformation in churches and their leadership team. 



Consultation, Assessment, Research & Coaching

Consultation can vary depending upon what the need is. 

A Full Consultation Includes: 

  • A complete church health assessment. 

  • Community assessment both demographics and psychographics.

  • Revitalizer Profile  

  • Interactions and interviews with pastors and leadership.

  • Analysis of the facilities, 

  • Statistical analysis of key church metrics.

  • Stewardship/financial analysis.

  • Discovery of growth and or ministry obstacles and opportunities.

  • An outsider's perspective on the worship service (Secret Guest)

Conferences, Retreats 

Empowerment Weekends

  • Staff & Leadership Training Retreats

  • Leader’s Empowerment Weekend

  • Men's Conferences

  • Freedom Conference

  • Marriage Retreats

  • The Leader's Toolbox (7 key skillsets every leader needs)

  • The Leader's Calling

  • The Leader’s Balanced Life 

Specialized Training and Leadership and Team Development

Degrees: B.S. M.A. Several Certificates for Leadership and Specialize Training.

We can develop leadership training designed for what you need:


  • Church and Revitalization Consultant 

  • Behavioral/Personality Consultant - Uniquely You Seminar (Discovering your spiritual gift and DISC personality profile.)

  • Conflict and Resolution Consultant - To help the organization and teams with process of resolving conflict and producing reconciliation.

  • Leadership Team Development

  • Church Systems Development 




I have known Randy Wooden for over 24 years and served on his Pastoral Staff for
eight years. Recently Randy conducted a staff retreat for our church and the
impact he made on our staff was wonderful. We spent three days together and
during that time Randy was able to share valuable lessons that brought our staff
closer than we have ever been. I saw walls get broken down and a unity form
that has continued to build our Pastoral Staff into a group of people that love one
another and that truly want to make a difference in the community we serve. I
would recommend Randy to any Pastor or church that would bring him in for
training and staff development. Randy and his wife Kathy are two of the most
genuine and loving people that I have ever known and their impact upon my life
has been something that I am still drawing from today.
Thurman Collier, Lead Pastor
City Point Restoration Church of God

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Randy served as a member of the Ministerial Development Board for the Church of God in  Virginia for over 25 years. During that time, he demonstrated a passion for training and  developing men and women for work in God’s Kingdom. Randy is excellent at helping  individuals operate in their calling with an understanding of their spiritual gifts and unique  personality traits. His investment in ministers is still paying dividends for the Kingdom, the  ministers, and the Church of God in Virginia.


 Having known Bishop Randy Wooden for well over 25 years, I can confidently say that he is a tremendous preacher, and has been successful for many years in pastoral ministry. I also am fully aware of his giftedness in leadership training and mentoring. Many have gone out under his ministry and God continues to use Randy and Kathy mightily to disciple and develop men and women for Kingdom impact. Recently Randy came to Pulaski Church of God and under the influence of the Spirit,  greatly impacted our men on Saturday in a Purity Conference, and was mightily used in our Sunday Morning Service to minister the gospel. Bishop Randy Wooden to  come and Impact your leaders in a conference setting or to have him to share the Word with your church body!  

Pastor Donald Jones  - Pulaski Church of God


In March of 2020, we were blessed to have Rev. Randy Wooden conduct a weekend training with our leaders and teachers at Whitwell Church of God in Whitwell, Tennessee. We met on
Friday night and Saturday morning and concluded with Randy preaching in our Morning Worship Service that Sunday. Randy really encouraged, equipped and blessed us, our leaders and teachers. His passion and anointing to teach and to preach are very distinct and evident.

Our people were truly blessed and excited about the training they received, and many commented that it was the best they ever experienced. Lanelle and I both have known Randy and his family since 1999 and have enjoyed being trained and mentored by Randy as well as ministering with and knowing him and his family. Therefore, we highly recommend Rev. Randy Wooden for  training and/or ministering whether it be for small groups, large groups or your entire congregation.

Pastors Jim and Lanelle Mulkey
Whitwell Church of God


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